About Us

Rewriting the rules, revolutionizing the experience.

Mark Grega and Ted MaccabeeFounded in 1996 by industry leaders Mark Grega and Ted Maccabee, Strictly FX thrives in the intersection of entertainment and enchantment. From gripping the audience in anticipation to inviting them into that magical moment of surrealness, our expert crew enhances every step of the process. Our work is unparalleled. Unorthodox. Unforgettable. And always unique to you.

Challenges exhilarate us. We see them as an opportunity to invent the unthinkable and achieve the unimaginable with respect for the world around us. We’re constantly redefining what it means to drive positivity and sustainability. But whether it’s for a groundbreaking world tour or the biggest sports event of the year, we always transform ambitions into existence – no matter how eccentric.

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Our People

Driven by inspiration. Focused on you.

We’re your creative partners. We’re a melting pot of engineers and tech experts who have been pioneering the industry for more than 40 years. We’re the ones with the minds that help you conceive the big picture and the eyes for detail that make it a reality.

Our clients have trusted us to collaborate on their creative visions for more than two decades because underneath the confetti and flames, we prioritize precision and safety.



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