Our Work



The Proposal

It started with a monumental return.

For the first time in more than a year, WWE was gearing up to welcome back the WWE Universe to the ring for an explosive WrestleMania 37.

WWE wanted to come back to bigger and better and show the fans what they had all been waiting for – and that’s where we came in. WWE wanted to push the envelope, so we took it to the extreme. Top designers. Expert technicians. All to pull off the spectacle that is WRESTLEMANIA.

The Process

With that, we took “larger than life” to the next level.

This time, outside the box meant outside the building. With just two weeks on-site, we took a massive pirate ship in the middle of the open-air stadium and brought it to life: cannons firing over 150 rounds each night, fireworks traveling more than 600 feet in the air, a swarm of drones flying above the stadium, over 100 flame units, 6000 shots of pyro, and 10 miles of cabling to make it all come together. And the industry’s most powerful lasers in the world – used for the first time on the WWE stage.

The Production

Then, fans watched the match ignite.

It was over the top and in your face and the stadium’s energy soared with our special effects, setting the scene for the most memorable sports-entertainment comeback of 2021.

WWE asked for over-the-top, we left the audience shocked. Thanks to the newest technology, the most talented team and clients who push us to be the best.