Our Work

twenty one pilots

Banditos World Tour 2018/2019

The Proposal

It started with a burning car.

When twenty one pilots trusted us to recreate the exploding vehicle from their music video “Heavydirtysoul,” our crew saw the challenge as an opportunity to concept something exceptional by nature and unrivaled in the industry. Achieving the unimaginable was one task, repeating it safely was another. The car needed to be agile and electrifying. Consistent but engaging. When inspiration struck, we spent hours igniting the idea and inventing ways to make it happen.

The Process

With that, we created something entirely new.

An SFX Flex-fuel machine with 17 different flame channels gave the illusion of a real car on fire for the artists to climb on. We constructed a custom control panel for real-time feedback during performances. We scored unprecedented CE certification worldwide to use the prop anywhere from Moscow to Melbourne. We designed a car that could be split in half for maximum mobility, and our reach grew larger with every mile traveled. While we were setting the standard in our industry, our work was shaping international conversation about the show.

The Production

Then, it became an element of the stage.

When twenty one pilots saw the car, they reworked their show to interact with it. The prop sparked suspense. The flames recharged the room. Night after night, our clients pulled off exhilarating performances while we took care of everything behind the curtain and it never failed. We toyed with the concept of gasoline on an ordinary classic car and transformed it into a work of art. A vessel to conquer expectations. An icon of the tour.