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Drone Light Show 2020

The Idea

It started with the heroes of Nashville.

Our home city has a special place in our hearts. So when the community was ravaged by a tornado and COVID-19 in the same month, we stepped into action to honor the healthcare workers and frontline warriors risking their lives to rebuild ours. This was bigger than us. Bigger than our industry. A way to bring passion, praise and appreciation to the atmosphere. That’s when our team came together to pay tribute the only way we know how – by learning new technology for a night filled with light.

The Process

With that, we drummed up a surprise.

First, location. A spot in the sky visible from hospital windows and rooftops. Second, coordination. Collaborating with our partners, Verge Aero, Vanderbilt University, local government and the Federal Aviation Administration to show how much we care. Third, conception. Using custom software and drones built from the ground up – months in the making for new, smoke-free magic – fit the mold for a sky-friendly celebration. Fourth, formation. Moving 140 LED lights to twinkle above a football field. And planning a secret drone show debut in just 10 days.

The Production

Then, the sky shimmered with gratitude.

On May 15, 2020, we did our part to #LightUpMusicCity with a 10-minute surprise. Doctors, nurses and hospital staff gathered in parking garages to watch our drones fill the air, 500 feet up. They formed words and symbols in the Nashville sky – from messages of thanks to the Tennessee flag. And we were diligent in ensuring every light locked in place among the stars.