Our Work


Man of the Woods Tour 2018/2019

The Proposal

It started with a walk in the woods.

Justin Timberlake’s tour called for visual enchantment. First, the fire. We were asked to build a realistic campfire to burn on stages around the world with fuel acceptable for each venue – day in, day out, for over a year. Next, our team needed to create rippling, low-lying fog to give the illusion of flowing water. And then there were lasers. Meant to surround the artist with mechanical perfection. For each song, a different emotion. With each task, a new obsession.

The Process

With that, there were many sleepless nights.

It was trial and error, craving flawless execution up until the second we achieved it. To maintain a controlled burn in line with requirements from international fire departments, we devised a Flex-fuel system. We manufactured the first custom low fog machine using liquid nitrogen for “Cry Me A River.” And when he saw the lasers, Justin re-choreographed his dance around our work. Together, on a stage hungering for a crowd, we masterminded the most memorable moment of the show.

The Production

Then, we curated an outdoor experience.

We brought the audience out of their seats and into a new realm of magnetic fellowship. It was no longer a concert – it was a backyard bonfire. A haunting river where water hugged the curves of the stage. A flash into the future with a cage made of light, the essence barely captured on their phones. When they saw a dynamic journey from sorrow to euphoria, we saw an awe-filled arena, captivated by Justin’s charm and empowered by our creative partnership.