Our Work

Bowl LIV

Halftime Show 2020

The Proposal

It started with the largest special effects production of the year.

For the seventh time. When we were invited back for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, we pushed ourselves to top everything we’d ever done before, despite on-field limitations. When our finest are on the job, we develop solutions to send anything in our way up in smoke. It was months of planning. 24 of us. 100 million watching. One goal to engineer our most vibrant performance yet.

The Process

With that, the roof became our canvas.

The focus shifted from ground to clouds, and we created a quicker system to pump out new renders in 30 minutes. The software became our new standard when efficiency led to energy and generated electricity among our clients. The show took an army, and we went to battle to make it look easy. Custom building every angle to fit the needs of the stadium. Layering our gear into the rolling stage. The sky wasn’t the limit – it was our drawing board. And we were eager to turn the stars into a blank slate so we could paint them with history.

The Production

Then, we splashed it with color.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira didn’t need us to start the fire – their passion swept over the stadium. There were striking stage lights pulsing with the beat. Sharp lasers shooting power into the performance. Seamless transitions smoothing out the edges. But this wasn’t just about spectacle. It was about scale. The conversation started in Miami and traveled across continents. We had 14 minutes to impress the world, and our team did it flawlessly – with the help of two semi loads of SFX custom equipment. We laid the groundwork for the performance of a lifetime. Until next year.