Our Work

Drake, Aubrey
& The Three Migos

Tour 2018/2019

The Proposal

It started with a vision.

We took it to the next level. The idea was to turn Drake’s stage into a basketball court, backlit with blue lines from an LED floor. But when our team saw the diagram, we colored outside the lines. We envisioned an integrated light experience, adding the effect of tracing the video with lasers for seamless playback and striking visuals.

The Process

With that, we took a shot in the dark.

We digitally programmed the laser show sitting in a closet. No visualization, no means of checking our progress, no stage time to map it out. The six individual lasers were synchronized to follow the video along the 80-foot court, powering the stage and fueling an unduplicatable energy we knew would pulse through the crowd. Two days to devise something eccentric that could appear effortless in execution. It’s not magic – it’s intuition. Prowess. Partnership.

The Production

Then, it was harmony.

Buzzing shattered the suspense after the arenas were blanketed by darkness. The neon orbs from the visuals danced in their eyes. The fluid laser animation beamed with transcendentalism. Every element fused together. Every sense stimulated to invite the audience on an immersive journey. For the first time ever on a live stage.